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IMPERIUM is an independent law firm based in Lausanne, Switzerland, advising companies of all sizes as well as individuals in Switzerland and abroad. IMPERIUM advises its clients in the following practice areas : contract law, labour and employment law, real estate law, trademark law, company formation, negotiation and mediation. The firm deals with matters in French, English, Spanish, Italian and German and has developed relationships with a strong network of law firms in international jurisdictions. Neither IMPERIUM, nor its employees are attorney-at-law or holder of an attorney-at-law certificate. This means that IMPERIUM cannot plea before the civil and criminal courts. IMPERIUM and its employees practice law outside the monopoly reserved for attorney-at-law

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Facing litigation can be a tough experience. Litigation is a long, time-consuming and complex, uphill battle against the stringent judicial machinery. Facing that process alone can be even more painful. IMPERIUM assists you outside the monopoly reserved for attorney-at-law.

Trademark registration

IMPERIUM protects your intellectual property and your creations by advising you through the process of registering your trademark, managing and monetising it as well protecting your brand against third parties.

Real estate and construction

MPERIUM helps you get through the complexities of real estate law, which by its many intricacies especially relating to contract law can be hazardous without professional support, whether you are a company or an individual. Our team advises you and makes available its network of relationships in the industry in order to help you achieve your property goals.

Company formation

Creating one’s own business is a challenge in itself. IMPERIUM advises you with all the legal steps pertaining to your company formation and management thanks to its proven know-how and its bespoke and swift approach.

Negotiation and mediation

A lawsuit is usually the sign that all other options have been unsuccessful so far. IMPERIUM helps you achieve a feasible settlement which preserves and aims to maximise your interests through negotiations. IMPERIUM also advises you throughout mediation processes, which are less cost- and time-effective than litigation.

Labour and employment law

Whether you are an employer or an employee, IMPERIUM advises and guides you in order to ensure your interests to be preserved.

Contract law

Diligence is of paramount importance when drafting a contract in order to ensure the protection of your interests as well as good and sustainable contractual relations. IMPERIUM offers its services in drafting contracts tailored to your needs with a bespoke and customised approach.

Legal advice

Ubi societas, ibi ius. A legal maxim meaning ‘where there is society, there is law’. Whichever practice area you may need legal advice on, IMPERIUM aims to answer any legal questions you may have and guide you through the relevant judicial complexities in order to alleviate your concerns.

Who we are

IMPERIUM distinguishes itself through the diversity of the legal services in its areas of practice. Our approach intends to find quick and efficient solutions adapted to the needs of our clients, whilst keeping an intimate and personal connection between IMPERIUM and its clients. We have assembled a team of committed, driven and ambitious law professionals (Bachelor, Master, LL.M. candidate) who are passionate about defending your interests and aim to exceed your expectations. Our firm prides itself on the quality with which we handle each case and the results we deliver. Committed to make law accessible to all, IMPERIUM’s fees start at CHF150.- per hour.

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